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How to FreeBSD Video Series

By Sam Sheridan - 20th January, 2024

Today marks not just another day, but a special milestone in my professional journey. I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new YouTube series: "How to FreeBSD".

The first episode is now live! 🎥

This series is particularly dear to my heart as it celebrates my 20 years of engagement with FreeBSD, starting back in 2004. It's been an incredible journey of learning, contributing, and growing with this robust platform.

In this inaugural episode, I'll guide you through obtaining the latest release version of FreeBSD, preparing the media, and installing it while exploring the various installation options. It's designed to be informative and accessible, whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting.

Why FreeBSD? Well, it's more than just an operating system. It's an open-source project, rich in history, sponsored by the FreeBSD Foundation, and backed by an amazing community of supporters and developers. It's absolutely free for anyone to use, embodying the spirit of shared knowledge and collaboration.

My journey with FreeBSD has shaped my personal development, expanded my knowledge, and opened up numerous commercial opportunities. Through this series, I aim to give back to the FreeBSD community, which has had such an influential impact on my life.