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An introduction to Casilium, an open source ticket system

By Sam Sheridan - 12th December, 2020

Sheridan Computers are an IT Support Company based in Manchester. As an IT Support company, or a Managed Service Provider (MSP), logging client issues and keeping track of them, and making sure we complete work within defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs), is a major part of our business.

We have been using a helpdesk / ticket system, which has been developed in-house, for around 10 years. The fact that it has been developed over such a long period of time means that the solution is perfect for a business, and because we have been the ones developing it, it pretty much integrates with everything we need such as our RMM, Slack, even our phone system.

Originally the helpdesk / ticket system we was developed on top of Zend Framework, over time it has been re-written to work with the newer versions of Zend Framework 2, Zend Framework 3, and then Zend Expressive - a much leaner and light weight PHP framework which adheres to strict coding standards; and has a great community behind it.

Recently Zend Framework become the Laminas Project and transitioned across to the Linux Foundation. Zend Expressive is know Mezzio from the Laminas Project, and support for the original Zend Framework components has ended.

We are now in the process of a complete re-write of the system we use, still based upon Mezzio; that new solution is known as Casilium.

As we make progress with designing, coding, and testing Casilium, we intend to release Casilium as open source, a completely free helpdesk / ticketing system.

We've shared the idea behind the project with a few people who seem keen to know more about Casilium, and where it is up to. This video linked below in this post serves to provide an idea of what Casilium is, and what can be expected.

Many features are still be implemented, and we are driving hard to get Casilium to an alpha release state, as open source.


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