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Upgrading hard drives in Synology NAS DS220+

By Sam Sheridan - 1st September, 2021

Are you running a Synology NAS and running out of storage space? The next logical step would be to upgrade those hard drives for a larger size, but how?

In our previous video on unboxing the Synology DS220+ and installing the hard drives, we installed 2 x 1TB Western Digital drives for test purposes. Using the WD red drives is not advised as they use SMR technology.

This video walks through how we replaced each of the Western Digital hard drives in our Synology DS220+ with 4TB Seagate IronWolf drives. Once both drives had been replaced, and the raid array repaired after each of the drive replacements, we expand the pool to give us the maximum available space.

This is the process you can use to replace/upgrade the hard drives in your Synology NAS with much larger disks to give you that capacity you're lacking


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