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Intel X520-DA2 10GbE Network Cards

The Intel X520-DA2 dual port 10GbE network card is a cheap 10GbE network card than can be sourced for around £50 which we've [...]

Reconditioned Servers - HP DL160 G6

Refurbished servers that can be picked up cheap (less than £200 from ebay) ideal for virtualisation projects such as XCP-NG, [...]

Dell PowerEdge R210 II Acoustics

One of our YouTube subscribers recently left a comment asking how noisy the Dell PowerEdge R210 was, here's the video taking a look [...]

How to Upgrade Dell PowerEdge R210 IDRAC

How to upgrade IDRAC 6 to IDRAC 6 Enterprise in a Dell PowerEdge R210.

Dell PowerEdge R210 Hard Drive Replacement

How to replace the hard drive in a Dell PowerEdge R210

Reconditioned Server Hardware - Dell PowerEdge R210 II

If you're looking for reconditioned server hardware for a lab environment the Dell PowerEdge 210 II can be picked up and fully [...]

PC Engines APU2 Hardware Assembly

A look at PC Engines APU2 (APU2E4) assembly, specs and pricing. The APU2E4 is a powerful low-voltage computer ideal for applications [...]