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DHCP Relay and VLAN Setup with UniFi and pfSense

In this video I take a look at how to setup multiple DHCP scopes on Windows Server to assign address pools to multiple VLANs using [...]

Ender 3D Pro - Printing UniFi Parts

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a 3D printer, this is my first dealings with any form of 3D printer. The one we went with was [...]

How to configure unifi port aggregation

This video tutorial takes a look at How to setup port aggregation to link multipe UniFi switches together. Link aggregation refers [...]

UniFi US-24 Managed Switch Review

A look at the UniFi 24 Port Managed Switch (non-PoE), unboxing, disassembly, putting back together and then adopting within the UniFi [...]

UniFi US-16-XG 10GbE Managed Switch

Quick unboxing video of the UniFi US-16-XG 16 port 10GbE switch from UniFi, I also adopt and upgrade the switch on the UniFi [...]

UniFi AC Mesh (UAP-AC-M) Access Point

The UniFI AC Mesh is designed to withstand the elements making it ideal for outdoor deployment offering simultaneous dual band 2x2 MIMO [...]

How to install Ubiquiti UniFi Controller on FreeBSD

Hhow to install the UniFi controller from Ubiquiti on FreeBSD from the FreeBSD ports/packages in less than 15 minutes

UAP-nanoHD (3-Pack)

In this video I take a look at the UAP-nanoHD (3-Pack) from Ubiquiti from unboxing to adoption in the UniFi Controller, and the main [...]

UniFi US-8-150W Managed PoE+ Gigabit Switch

I look at the Ubiquiti UniFi US-8-150W Managed PoE+ Gigabit Switch with 8 gigabit PoE+ RJ45 ports and two SFP ports, this UniFi switch [...]