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How to install Asterisk PBX on FreeBSD

First in a series of videos taking a look at Asterisk. I take a look at how to install the Asterisk open source communications [...]

How to enable UTF8 on freebsd

Unfortunately out of the box FreeBSD doesn't have UTF-8 enabled, however it is easy enough to set up UTF-8 and the correct locale [...]

FreeBSD Tips - doas sudo alternative

If you're not familiar with "doas" for FreeBSD this video will show you how to install and configure, it's very quick [...]

How to install XCP-NG 8.1

How to install XCP-NG Server for virtualisation including installing on bare metal and setting up your first virtual machine using [...]

ZeroTier - How to setup remote desktop vpn on windows

How to setup ZeroTier on windows to create a vpn tunnel to allow remote desktop for remote working.

FreeBSD Realtime Monitoring with Netdata

Installing netdata on FreeBSD from packages to get a realtime overview of system status.

How to install Ubiquiti UniFi Controller on FreeBSD

Hhow to install the UniFi controller from Ubiquiti on FreeBSD from the FreeBSD ports/packages in less than 15 minutes

HP 840 G1 Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Due to the number of refurbished laptops we've recently been supplying to our customers, we've had a few batches of HP 840 G1 [...]

How to install FreeBSD on XCP-NG

How to install FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE. The process is done installing FreeBSD as a guest operating system on XCP-NG 8, though is [...]