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How to set up an IPSEC site-to-site VPN with pfsense

I take a look at how to setup a secure ipsec site-to-site VPN connection using pfSense open source firewall. I explain how to set up [...]

UniFi US-16-XG 10GbE Managed Switch

Quick unboxing video of the UniFi US-16-XG 16 port 10GbE switch from UniFi, I also adopt and upgrade the switch on the UniFi [...]

Remote user access with pfSense and OpenVPN

A tutorial video on how to setup OpenVPN within the latest version of pfSense (2.4.5 as of April 2020) to enable secure remote user [...]

How to install pfSense

This video walks through the initial installation and setup of pfSense, setting up LAN and WAN interfaces, installing a couple of [...]

UniFi AC Mesh (UAP-AC-M) Access Point

The UniFI AC Mesh is designed to withstand the elements making it ideal for outdoor deployment offering simultaneous dual band 2x2 MIMO [...]

Getting started with Asterisk, part 6: Call Queues

How to set up call queues within Asterisk - In Part 6 of our Asterisk Tutorial we take a look at how to create call queues for inbound [...]

Asterisk Call Detail Records (CDR) and MySQL

How to to setup Call Detail Records (CDR) within Asterisk to log to a MySQL database using unixODBC drivers under FreeBSD and adaptive [...]

Asterisk Tutorial Part 4 - inbound and outbound calls

The fourth part of our series looking at setting up the open source IP PBX Asterisk looks at giving our PBX inbound and outbound call [...]

Getting started with Asterisk, part 3: Localisation & Indications Configuration

Third installment of our series looking at the Asterisk IP PBX, which we are setting up on FreeBSD. Explaining how to edit [...]